My pool water is really cloudy. What could be causing this?

Cloudy water can be caused by many things.  First is filtration: If the filter is dirty or not running enough, it is ineffective in clearing the water.  Check the filter media and start with a clean filter first.  It is recommended that you run the filter 24 hours a day until the pool is clear.  Once the filter is clean, be sure the water is balanced properly.  High pH can cause cloudy water and also not let the chlorine work efficiently.  Also be sure there is nothing at the bottom of the pool that you can’t see.  (i.e.- Leaves and other debris)  Be sure to maintain a proper level of sanitizer in the pool.  If you are fighting to get the pool clear, there is a high demand in the water and it may use up your chlorine fast.  Treat for algae also.  This may be the start of an algae problem.  Also, if you have one, do not run the pool heater or use the solar cover until the water is clear.  As temperature increases, the sanitizer consumption increases as well.  You will make the process more difficult if you are increasing the temperature of the pool.

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