The water in the pool is not moving. What do I do?

Poor circulation can be caused by a number of things:

  1. Dirty Filter.  If the filter is dirty, the pressure on the filter is usually high.  The pump, which pulls the water from the pool, is not able to push the water into the filter because of the restriction of flow a dirty filter causes.  The cure to this, is to backwash or clean the filter.
  2. Air Leak in the Piping.  If there is air being pulled into the system on the suction side, the pump will not be able to keep it’s “prime” and will not be able to move the water.  Most air leaks are above ground and may even be from the pump basket lid not being secured properly.  Check all connections, threaded and glued, and see if any are loose.
  3. Dirty Skimmer or Pump Basket.  If the baskets are full, no water will be able to flow through them.  Inspect and clean the skimmer and pump basket(s) regularly.  If the baskets are clean, there could also be debris in the pumps impeller which will cause the flow of water again to be restricted. Some of these can be cleaned by reaching in behind the pump basket and pulling out debris that you can feel.  Be sure the pump is off and nobody will turn the switch on while you are working.
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