Seasonal Update

Spring Pool Opening Tips

Customers often ask us, “Is there anything I can do now to make opening the pool easier”.  Although most of our regular customers have us open and close the pool for them, we also have many “do-it-yourselfers” who come to us for chemicals, water testing, parts, etc…  Our best advice this time of year is to not wait too long.  When the water is cold, there is very little chance of algae growing.  As the weather and your pool water warms up, that increases the chances of algae starting to bloom.  If you open the pool early, the cold water requires very little sanitizing.  You can also get away with running the pump for just a few hours per day.  The amount it costs you to run the pump could turn out to be a fraction of what it could cost you to treat an algae problem. So while it may seem early, it may also end up saving you money and aggravation in the end if you get an early start.

We also have customers who will remove portions of the cover to remove the plugs and add some chemicals.  They will assemble the equipment, circulate the water while the cover is still on, and may even leave it like that for a few weeks.  By doing this, you can keep the water clear under the cover even if you don’t want it “opened” for the season yet.

If you have your pool started, remember to balance the water properly to start the season.  Clear water looks great, but it can also be very acidic.  If the Alkalinity and PH are too low, it can cause some serious problems for the pool itself as well as the equipment – especially if you have a heater.  Bring us a water sample and we can tell you exactly what the pool needs.


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